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UK mobile banks now allow customers to block gambling related transactions In a bid to tackle problem gambling related issues, mobile banks have now introduced measures that would allow customers to block any gambling related transactions.  According to statistics, gambling addiction affects approximately 528,000 people in the UK. In order to try and http://casinoavd.tutorial-blog.net tackle the issue, mobile banks Monzo and Starling have added the option for customers to block transactions that are related to gambling. Prior to this, someone with a gambling problem would have to speak to each betting provider separately in order to ban themselves from gambling. The mobile banks allow their customers to switch on a feature through their app which stops their card from being accepted. Once the block has been activated, every time the person tries to use their card at a gambling registered place, it will be declined. In order to switch off the feature, the banks will have the customer go through a series of steps before being able to make payments again which include answering questions on their health and waiting 48 hours before the block is officially switched off. A message will also show up suggesting that the customer get help from the National Gambling Helpline. Such an initiative can be a vital step in helping those with gambling problems seeing as financial issues tend to be one of the main problems for people suffering a gambling addiction.

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